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Rekey Bob's Lock Service Indianapolis Fishers locksmith

Many times, there is no need to replace a perfectly good lock if all you want is to prevent the old key from working. We can rekey most residential and commercial locks, including interchangeable core, high security, mortise cylinders, and deadbolts and doorknobs. Sometimes it is more cost effective to replace rather than rekey (the price of our residential door hardware begins at about $25 in our online store), but this is usually the exception and not the rule. If you have a working key now, that will help us disassemble the lock and rekey it. If your locks are all different and you want one key to work them all, one of your existing keys must enter all of the locks.

Residential rekeying charges are $15 per keyhole plus a $60 service charge (provided you are in our service area). If the lock takes a key on both sides, it is $30 for that lock as there are two keyholes, one on each side. Simply count the number of keyholes you have, add the service call charge, and you have your total cost. Locks without a working key incur a higher rekeying charge.

For security purposes, we require that the deeded owner of the home that is listed on the county assessor's website be present for the rekey.

Commercial rekeying charges can be a bit higher due to the increased complexity of commercial locks.

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